About The Project

The excavation and translation of the Historical Recordings Of The Raconteur is a project undertaken by a diverse team of theoriticians and antiquarians, and has been overseen by the Universal Cohort of Theoretical Histories with the support of the Ecumenical Education Endeavor. For the past twelve years, led by our remarkable Curator, we here at The Project, along with those at the UCTH, have collaborated with the greatest minds of antiquity in an effort to decipher the information inside the ancient satellite that fell into the Sea of Peace. We’ve made tremendous strides, developing our own technology based upon the technology found within the satellite. It’s been an arduous and difficult process. Our Curator likened it to creating a problem to which only the solution was known. Using this technology we were able to harvest the information contained within the satellite’s memory banks.  It is within this information that we discovered the cache of recordings. However, with so few linguistic antiquarians in the world, the efforts to translate the audio to the common tongue have been understandably slow-going, but we will be releasing the raw audio as it is decoded. (translated from original text)