Ep. 12 – The New Gods

Twenty-fourth piece recorded by The Raconteur. The movement of willful ignorance continues to surge. Our Curator often remarks that all people are born with an inherent thirst for knowledge, but that the elixir that will satiate such thirst can be bitter. These willfully ignorant are those who would rather drink sweet poisons than acerbic tonics. You may have noticed that we have engaged someone to promote our endeavors. A Crier, if you will, to bring our tonics to you, and you to our tonics. We feel now more than ever, as our philosophy of truth above all else is threatened, that we must do all within our power to ensure that this history is cataloged, archived, and consumed, no matter the flavor. May ignorance never be prized.

“It is taken as a given that we no longer live in the times of Gods, even as we await them. What then would Man, who holds himself above all else in the universe, do should he meet God face to face?”

The Inimitable Masako – geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/masak…mt=1&app=music

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