Ep. 10 – Saviors

Thirty-fourth piece recorded by The Raconteur. The Historical Recordings of the Raconteur, brought to you by The Project in association with the Universal Cohort of Theoretical Histories and the Ecumenical Education Endeavor, will be on a short hiatus after this episode. Additional recordings are being decoded every day, but the difficult and laborious work does require time. We have been eternally grateful to all who have listened, and those who have a thirst for knowledge of the past. Be sure to subscribe to keep apprised of any updates.

“They say it is an unforgivable sin to wallow in despair, for there is always hope when God is present in your fellow man. But what is one to do but despair, when their hope becomes their torment?”

The Inimitable Masako – https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/masako/id516646114?mt=1&app=music

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