Ep. 9 – The Correspondence of Parallels

Thirteenth piece recorded by The Raconteur. We here at The Project have been so pleased to be able to share these historical recordings with the public. While there are some schools of thought that disregard the study of history, often citing that ridiculous adage uttered by that charlatan [REDACTED], “Today cannot be lighted by yesterday’s sun,” we believe that without understanding that which came before, we are at risk of falling victim to avoidable calamity. We hope that our efforts can help to stanch the flow of this sadly growing movement, and that our own creed might become the creed of all, “May ignorance never be prized.”

“The construct of society has ever been a choke on the flow of man’s desires. The sad truth however, is that the construct is an illusion, and those who are subject to its limits are those who cannot see the ones who loom above, tugging on invisible strings.”

The Inimitable Masako – geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/masak…mt=1&app=music

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