Ep. 7 – Tara Salt’s Child

Twelfth piece recorded by The Raconteur. We still know next to nothing about the “Inimitable Masako” to which The Raconteur always refers. We aren’t sure if it was a era, a country, a city, or a person. But it is clear that he had a great reverence for the music they created, which is apt, as the ability to create music has become such a universally recognized requirement for greater intelligence.

“It is natural that a babe should suckle of its mother. For a mother is naturally gifted with the ability to provide. However, at some point, a babe’s thirst must be quenched, lest it begin to suckle more than just milk.”

The Inimitable Masako – geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/masak…mt=1&app=music

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