Ep. 5 – Echoes

Twenty-second recording made by The Raconteur. When the satellite was recovered twelve years ago, most antiquarians believed it to date back to the Epoch of Renewal. However, evidence has now led us to believe that a great regression in technology occurred following the end of the Epoch of Profanation. This, paired with the recent discovery of similarly designed technologies within the Profanation Epoch’s stratum has spurred us to revise our theory, and place the launch of the satellite at the tail end of the Epoch of Profanation.

“The course of one’s life can be determined and diverted by so many forces. Some forces interior, some exterior. But whatever the cause, invariably the traveler is left with naught but one perilous question: What might have been?”

The Inimitable Masako – geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/masak…mt=1&app=music

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